Photography & Social Media

Photography with a side of social media

The connection between Social Media and photography is undeniable. There are now more opportunities than ever to create a career pathway and real wealth from social, and its importance in the world today is  impossible to over-emphasise.

While our courses are grounded primarily in photography, we recognise that most photographers are also looking to grow their social media presence too. As a result, we’ve decided to incorporate our personal experiences (as digital influencers and travel bloggers) into our courses, and offer our students the opportunity to learn about the industry best practices and growth strategies we’ve been successfully using for several years.

Whether it’s blogging, social media growth or working with brands, we’re happy to answer all questions and offer our students a deep dive into the world of social media.

Of course, this isn’t something everyone is interested in, so these are optional aspects of our course that you aren’t required to participate in.

Throughout the duration of our courses, all of our mentors will be happy to answer any and all questions related to the subject (no holds barred), and we’ll also give one or two small presentations on the subject in the evenings.

It’s important to emphasize that the major focus of the tour is to improve our photography skills, but you’re likely to pick up a few social skills and secrets along the way too!