Meet The Team

Louise Tee

Social and Business 

Louise is a mountain girl from Banff, Canada who enjoys sharing her love of the outdoors with her followers. As the founder of Elite Jetsetter, she has formed over 30+ partnerships with global brands, net  over 6 figures in travel & outdoor collaborations and surpassed a monthly reach of over 550k+ people across all channels. With her background in International Business, she’d love to show you how to grow your own brand, work with companies, and create fun, relatable content.

Robin Tuck

Travel Photographer

Travelling for the past decade, Robin lives for exploring the world and diving head first into new adventures. As a travel photographer, his passion is creating beautiful lifestyle themed travel shots and using his lens to give a sense of scale and wonder to the places he visits. Together with his partner Louise, he’s shot commercial projects for major brands around the world, including Toyota, Powerbar, Sporting Life Canada and more. He’s taught photography and social media around the world and loves sharing it with others. 

Francis Yap

Technical Photography Wizard

A super nerd armed with a camera, Francis Yap has travelled for the last decade, capturing the big world through a unique perspective and finding beauty everywhere. Ever an idealist and always up for an adventure, Francis has established a world class commercial portfolio showcasing the great big world and featured works for Fujifilm, National Geographic, Victoria’s Secret and Playboy. He invests into the creative community by leading photography workshops to share his experiences with a new generation.

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